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Christopher M. Young, CPT, FNC
Online Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

A Review of Keto Approved Snacks

Snacking while on Keto can be a cumbersome process, especially if you are looking for premade, prepackaged and quick to eat snacks. Most beef jerkys and such all have way more carbs than you realize, which doesn’t equate to a keto diet. While I was out shopping this evening at Trader Joe’s I decided to grab a few snacks that were keto approve and rate them for you all based on price, macro content, taste, and texture.

Chomp Grassfed Beef Stick

Price – 4/5

At $1.67 per stick, it wasn’t a bad price for a grass fed beef stick.

Taste – 3/5

It was rather bland and didnt have much flavor to it. It wasn’t terrible, just not bold or rich in flavor.

Macro content – 5/5

With 6g of fat, 9g of protein, and 0g of carbs, this beef stick is keto approved.

Texture – 4/5

The texture was similar to other beef sticks, like Slim Jims. It wasn’t too dry, and also didn’t leave a oily film in your mouth afterwards.

Total Rating: 4/5



Epic Chicken w/Sriracha

Price – 3/5

At $2.99 per bar, I felt that it was a bit overpriced.

Taste – 3/5

While it definitely wasn’t bland. It was mostly a hot sriracha flavor (I know, it was sriracha flavored), but lacked any “meat” flavor. For me, I am not much of a sriracha person, so my opinion is slightly biased. This might be best suited for all you sriracha lovers out there. It was definitely not a bland bar.

Macro content – 5/5

With 4g of fat, 15g of protein, and 1g of carbs, this beef stick is keto approved. While a little higher on protein than I personally would want. This little bar packs a lot in 100 calories, and still manages to stay under 1g of carbs.

Texture – 3/5

The texture kind of a dry, processed feel. It didn’t feel like real meat. This was probably the biggest setback to the bar. For the price and supposed quality, I felt it could have had a bit of a better texture. It felt like it should be more moist, but was dry.

Total Rating: 3.5/5


Citterio Premium Italian Style Salame Sticks

Price – 5/5

At $1.67 per package, this felt like a great value for the snacking content.

Taste – 4/5

The salame had great flavor, wasn’t bland, and overall was satisfying. The only downside was there was a bit of after taste that sat in your mouth for a bit.

Macro content – 5/5

With 12g of fat, 8g of protein, and 0g of carbs, this package was pretty much spot on for keto approved snacks. It was higher in fat, and moderately high in protein, while being the lowest in carbs you can possible go.

Texture – 4/5

The texture was pretty good. The downside was only the oily film in the mouth after eating.

Total Rating: 4.5/5


Overall, the three snacks were pretty good, and I would recommend them as great keto snacks, taking into consideration their pros and cons for each, and of course, keeping track of your macros for the day and ensuring you stay in line with your goals. Snacking can easily be overdone, so always be mindful of how much you are eating.


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